Lost Property Policy

  1. Studley Sports Centre accepts no responsibility for private property whilst on the premises, including accepting and liability should lost property be returned for any reason to someone who is not its owner – e.g. if someone makes a false representation to Studley Sports Centre of ownership of property.
  2. Property that is left on the premises will be kept for a period of three months, after which it will be disposed of.
  3. For property to be reclaimed, a detailed description of the item(s) and/or proof of ID (identity), and date that the item was left will be required.
  4. While every effort will be made to identify the possible owner of lost property (which is likely to involve searching of the item) and then make contact with them, Studley Sports Centre will not return the property to that person unless they provide the details set out in paragraph (3) of this policy.
  5. Studley Sports Centre will not mail/courier or insure during transit any lost property back to the presumed owner unless the owner sends the appropriate payment to cover packing and postage, and any insurance during transit (if requested by the claimant). In this event, all items will be sent at the owner’s risk.

Enquiries regarding lost property may be made to the manager’s office, or alternatively contact us via the details on our contact page.